Call for Posters

This conference is currently inviting poster papers for the conference. The poster presents an opportunity to publish late-breaking results, technical descriptions, smaller research contributions, works-in-progress and student projects in a concise and visible format. Accepted posters will be displayed in the conference venue, including a designated poster, providing presenters with an opportunity to engage in discussion with other attendees around their research and indexing in the conference proceedings. Demonstrations of applications, systems and tools with potential or realised impact in particular domains are therefore highly encouraged.


The focus of the conference is on current developments in the field of engineering technology, involving sustainable intelligent computing and related aspects. The Conference would be an ideal platform for students, faculty members, research scholars, and professionals from industry and Govt. R&D bodies to present their original research work and develop academic networks. The researchers would be able to show-case their work to the International audience via this conference. This also provides a platform to budding students to participate and learn about the latest developments in the field of computing and sustainability.


Authors are required to submit a poster paper. Poster papers should be maximum five pages, clearly addressing the research questions and their contribution to the research community.

The format for the poster paper is as follows:

  • Statement of Topic: A short title.

  • Abstract (Description): The abstract is a short description of your poster.

  • Purpose — What was the intent or goal of the study? What did you want to learn?

  • Background/Significance — What was the problem and why was it important? What knowledge are you building on?

  • Method — What was the design? What was the sample? What instruments were used? How was data collected and analysed?

  • Results — What were the findings?

  • Conclusion(s) — What do the findings mean?


All Poster papers will be reviewed by panel of experts.


Participants with an accepted poster must register for the conference and present their poster during the Session. A space for poster will be allocated to each participant.

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